A Better Highlight Reel

With boredom comes reflection, and this weekend I have had a LOT of both.


Chase & Brant @ USI Graduation

I’ve officially spent my first days in the state of Florida completely alone while Chase had some time in Indiana for his brother’s college graduation. (Congrats Brant!)

Don’t get me wrong, like many women I thoroughly enjoy having some quality me time. For example:
…Eating an early dinner on Friday night, & spilling orange salad dressing all over the white. fabric. couch. (Stain so hard, Mr. Clean wanna find me.)
…Or thinking I’m sneaky finishing the bottle of red wine in the fridge while he’s gone and breaking one of our two final wine glasses.
…Even almost wrecking in our apartment parking lot because I took the trash out by driving it to the dumpster hanging out of the drivers side of my car.

Okay, obviously while I sometimes enjoy that quality me time it really isn’t the best for my personal safety or that of the objects around me.

So to settle down this weekend, I scooped up a Cosmo and spent a fair share of time catching up on Snapchat featured articles, and let’s just say… I have a lot to say.

WHY do I care about Kim K’s misshaped money maker? (Ask Ludacris if you don’t know what that means.)
WHY do I need to know about the brand of a celebrity’s umbrella?
I LOVE me some Selena Gomez but you and I both know that girl does not have Pantene Pro-V in her shower at home.

I definitely enjoy getting outfit ideas from these outlets or even just catching up on Hollywood drama by looking at magazines or trendy hashtags but I decided I am going to create a better highlight reel for you guys.

I am at the point where I am looking for women to follow that are motivating and inspiring me everyday. Women who’s social media outlets show who they are and not what they’re selling. I know that I have at least 10 close friends that are thinking the same thing.

Let this next statement be a disclaimer: I am in NO way hating on the girls that have so many companies to represent that their social is nothing but promotions and products. I respect that hustle. I am just wanting to help some of my girls and guys out that may be looking for those people who are keeping it 100% authentic and 110% transparent.

Sunday as I left brunch at First Watch, by myself, I did two things that 16 year old Stephanie would have never thought to do for a complete stranger:

  1. They sat me in the back by the kitchen so I could hear a lot of what was going on. I heard the manager getting on all the servers about there being dirty tables and people with low drinks. I could see my servers frustration with his comments. So, when I was walking up to the front to pay my bill I grabbed him and told him that my server, Nicole (her name was on the receipt), did a great job today and I appreciated her great attitude & service.
    *It is important to note that two things on my order were messed up when I got my food and she had to take it back to the kitchen twice.
  2. The girl that cashed out my check seemed stressed by the amount of traffic in the restaurant and was clearly a SEPHORA regular. When she handed me my receipt I said:
    Girl, just so you know that eye shadow is bomb and your contour is on point. Thanks, have an awesome day.”
    Her response made it seem like I had just flicked her in the nips or something. She was SHOCKED. She got super nervous and said :
    “Seriously, you think so? Oh my gosh I’ve felt like I look crap all day. When I put it on this morning….. ” and so on. You get the picture.
    When I was walking out I heard her tell someone “that girl just told me my contour is on point” and their response was:
    IT IS ON POINT!“How does this relate?

I went out of my way to positively effect two women in that restaurant today and it took next to zero effort.
Since I was a loner today, I spent my time at brunch scrolling through Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook and THAT is the impact it made on me.

While it may not be these men and women individually or their specific posts that influence positive thinking, I’ll say that if you start deleting the negative posts from your feed and fill them with more people like this (See below) you will start to create a much better highlight reel.

General Fitness Accounts & Lifestyle Motivation
These people offer programs, have blogs, published books, podcasts, clothing lines etc. A few of them are also dear friends. I’ve screen shotted their Instagram profiles for you to follow!


Kaelin Tuell Poulin

FullSizeRender 6
Kaelin is a personal friend & even introduced me to my husband. If you haven’t already found her on social media, I would say consider it step 1.







Austin Current

FullSizeRender 8
Austin is also a personal friend, and the only male that I have on this list. My reason for that is simple: His Instagram content is a GREAT source for anyone who may just be starting out in the gym or even for people who need to hit a refresh button on their workouts!

Jenna Fail –                                                           

FullSizeRender 11
I have followed Jenna for a really long time and she is one of my most favorites. She preaches positivity and acceptance all around. 









Ashley Jay Reynolds

FullSizeRender 5
I just recently started following Ashley, but I already look forward to her content. Her & her husband just announced they’re pregnant so I am excited to see her document that process!







Heidi Somers

FullSizeRender 9
Heidi has an infectious personality and is just someone that has a very positive outlook. 






Dani Dudek

FullSizeRender 3
I also encourage you to look into the #pressonprettygirl talk on her page. Go through her posts and see how motivating her positivity is!








Rachel Nicole

FullSizeRender 7
Rachel is another 1st Form babe that I have followed for a long time. She also just announced that her and her husband are expecting a baby! She is super down to earth & fun to follow.









Meagen Harriman

I just recently starting following Meagen but I love her idea behind Self Love Sundays and her positive energy!






Emily Frisella

FullSizeRender 4
Emily is part of a powerhouse duo with her husband, Andy Frisella. If you don’t already, I encourage a follow for him as well. But I have her cookbook & follow her on everything and she is much more than just a beautiful smile!









Jasmine Schmalhaus

FullSizeRender 10
From travel to baking workshops, this girl is super authentic and is a great representation of what going after your dreams looks like. 









FullSizeRender 12
Last but not least! As her IG bio shows, this girl has lost over 100 pounds and is a daily reminder of what can happen if you set your mind to something!










Guys, I can do this for days. lol

I’ll save some other categories of my favorite people and accounts for another day. If you need any other recommendations or have any for me please reach out to me!
Until then, I hope you get as much inspiration and positivity from these people as I do.

I deeply encourage you to take my advice on starting to “weed out” the negativity from your online life. Literally.

Here is a fun challenge:

The next time you see a post that makes your forehead wrinkle in confusion thinking “why would anyone ever post that on social media?” 


If you read my last post… this is a way for you to start to feel a little bit lighter.

Do it, and tell me about it if you do it.
I want to know.

Much love Friends,




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