Clean your jewelry at home

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In the words of my man Bruno Mars:

“Gold jewelry shining so bright…. lucky for you that’s what I like.”

I apologize for breaking out in song, but any excuse I have to bring up Bruno Mars I am gonna take it.

So most people that know me know that for my last couple of years living in Indiana, I worked in the jewelry industry.

I know you must think that working around diamonds and gems and people who are in love is so amazing blah blah  blah… well, yeah it kind of is. haha
And not even for the obvious reasons!

Now I won’t lay out all the details in today’s post, but what I will say is that working in that environment did more for me than just add another line to my resumé.

Jewelry became more than just jewelry.

I’ll never forget the time I had a young woman walk in, about my age, with her mother’s necklace. She told me about losing her to cancer and how she wanted to turn the necklace into something of her own.

We worked and worked until we came up with the perfect design and finally made a dainty diamond band, using her mom’s diamonds, to remember her by.

THAT is what hooked me.
That experience taught me so much about how even just something as simple as some carbon and gold can carry the most precious of memories.

Those experiences didn’t stop coming either. Young men designing engagement rings, old  men redesigning a lost one’s wedding band and so on.

I say that jewelry became more than just jewelry, and that may or may not make any sense to you and that’s okay.

But my guess is that you have something in your life that means the absolute WORLD to you that you would be devastated to lose.
For me, it’s a little tiny pillow that my Great Grandma made me when I was little for my baby dolls.

Now I want you to picture life, fast forwarding 20 years, and see how maybe that “something” that means the world to you might change.

For me personally, I know I will always cherish that little pillow. But any jewelry that took a ride on my body through the ups and downs of life, I think might just take the cake.

Those pieces of “just jewelry” show up in pictures on your wedding day, the day you give birth to your first baby, your anniversary, your mom’s birthday, your dad’s retirement… do you get what I am saying here?


Not because I want you to brag to Kate about how much better your ring is, not because I want you to feel like you have your sh*t together all day everyday, and not because I think the most important thing in life is to not have marinara sauce in all crevices of your beautiful wedding set (I can feel the judgement, “that is way to specific of an example to not be from experience, Stephanie.” You’re right. I go all in on some s’getti).

I want you to take better care of your jewelry because whether it is now or not, I PROMISE, it WILL eventually be important to you.
And if not ever you- even your children or their children.

I’ve learned that it isn’t commonly known the ways you should take care of your jewelry to make sure that it lives a long, sparkly life.

Some of the questions that I’ve received being the jewelry expert in my group of friends really inspired me to write this up because I want you to know what you can STOP doing to make sure you’re precious pieces stand the test of time.

Now I fully understand that taking your ring in for inspections and keeping it shiny probably isn’t on your top 10 priority list.

But, I can’t even put into words the feeling I had when I saw my mother realize she lost her original diamond out of her original engagement ring.

Not callin’ you out momma!

But guys, there are SO many ways to prevent that from happening and I don’t want anyone to have to go through that.


So, let’s start with what you can STOP doing.. like right now, to keep those baubles in good shape.

  • Stop Using LOTION and SOAP With Your Rings On! **Attention: Nurses, Hair Stylists
    • I can’t say enough about this. I’ve seen women get rashes under their rings because of residue, the rhodium (The finish on white gold jewelry that makes it super white) wearing off faster, not to mention the nasty film it leaves on your diamonds.
Untitled design
Certain stones can be completely ruined by using the wrong chemicals on them!

**Disclaimer: If you are not in a safe place to remove your jewelry- DON’T. Make sure you have little safe places to sit your rings by your kitchen and bathroom sinks so you don’t accidentally knock em’ in or forget where you left them.

  • Stop SLEEPING in Your Jewelry
    • Sleeping in your rings/earrings/necklaces/bracelets causes unnecessary wear. Not to mention the better night sleep you will get if you take out your earrings, take off that tangled necklace, and DEFINITELY your bracelets! It’s good practice, but not the end of the world if you forget.
      I have a little whale jewelry holder on my bedside table for a place I know I can always find my jewelry.


  • Stop Cleaning in Your Jewelry
    • This includes dishes. Just to repeat myself for you, harsh chemicals like bleach can damage certain soft stones, ruin pearls, and cause wear on even your gold jewelry.
      Just find your safe place, take them off, do the cleaning, wash ya hands, slap em’ back on. Easy peasy.
  • Stop SWIMMING in Your Jewelry
    • I can’t tell you how much it hurts me to see women in chlorine with their wedding set on. Why?! Chlorine is another one of those chemicals that will have you visiting your jeweler asking “what the heck is wrong with my ring?”
      Also, the ocean. THE OCEAN. I shouldn’t have to explain.
      But I will very simply: Salt water, sand, deep moving water, sharks.
      One of those is irrelevant. HA
    • PRO TIP: Go find a cheap band to wear on days that you are out swimming and still want to look married or engaged or cool. Super cheap are silicone wedding bands, too.
    • See line 1.
  • Stop Touching Your Diamond
    • Hey you… your skin has oils on it. When you touch the top of your diamond, it smudges it. Which in turn, doesn’t allow the light to pass through the top of the stone and reflect off of the facets. The translation to that would be that when ya smudge the stone it ain’t so sparkly.
  • Stop Avoiding Your Jeweler
    • Last but not least, you have to get your ring looked at by a professional. Do I need to remind you about what happened to my sweet mom? I have countless other stories like that, but I don’t want to scare you into your jeweler. Just go.

Anyone guilty of these? Feeling a little bit like you’ve been sabotaging your own shine?

Not to worry, I have put together the easiest way to clean your jewelry at home in between those yearly visits to the jeweler (Subtle cue here reminding you to take your ring to get inspected).

How to Clean Before_After-2
Getting excited yet?

**DISCLAIMER 1: I have to remind you that the following cleaning process is only okay for you to use on DIAMONDS & GOLD JEWELRY. If you are looking down at a Mother’s Ring with colored stones you have that you aren’t sure about I’ll be sure to address what to do in the following steps.

**DISCLAIMER 2: This process is NOT to replace those visits to your jeweler to get your ring or other jewelry checked out. Loose diamonds, bent prongs, & broken clasps are difficult to spot to an untrained eye. It is essential in prolonging the time you get to spend with your ring in tact.

Your Recipe


  1. Your Jewelry
  2. Mr. Clean Antibacterial in what I like to call “Vitamin Pee” color.
  3. A toothbrush – Please not the one you use every day.
  4. A short little vessel for your concoction.
  5. A microwave safe cup for water heating purposes.
  6. Alcohol wipes – you’ll see.
  7. Running water & something to clog the sink with because – clumsy.
  8. Paper towel, real towel, a shirt. Something.

Step 1: Check out our jewelry to the best of your ability to be sure that you don’t have any loose stones or missing stones.

Step 2: Heat up your water for one minute in the microwave in your microwave safe cup.

How to Be Clean
Do these things.

Step 3: Pour the hot water in the short vessel (ouch, hot) and add in a small bit of your Vitamin Pee… OH, I mean Mr. Clean. In this short little guy I did around 2 tbsp.

Step 4: Open your alcohol prep pad and do yourself a favor and wipe down your empty ear holes. Don’t tell anyone what you find in there. HA that’s gross

Step 5: Put your inspected jewelry down into your mixture, being very careful not to just drop it and hear a *CLANK*, and let sit for ten minutes.

Step 6: After staring at your jewelry for 10 minutes, pull them out slowly one-by-one and give them a nice little scrub with your toothbrush. Dip your toothbrush into the Vitamin Pee to get the goods on your cleaning tool for a nice, sudsy bath. If you’re cleaning a ring with a mounted diamond make sure to get the bristles under the diamond as well to clean all surfaces and holes.

** Mother’s rings or things you’re unsure about feel free to send me a message and ask. But you should be safe to simply dip your toothbrush in the mixture and give them a little scrub and rinse under water. Don’t let them sit.

**WARNING: If it’s been awhile since your jewelry has had a bath, this step may cause you to be slightly concerned with your hygiene. Don’t worry, you’re not nasty… your jewels are just dirty.

Step 7: After giving them a scrub, place them back in the mixture for a good extra bit of cleaning, this step is optional. I do for another couple minutes.

Step 8: Plug the sink. Plug The Sink. PLUG THE SINK. Then get a nice gentle stream of water going, temperature is irrelevant but I do hot. Pull the jewels out and rinse them off under the stream of water being CERTAIN that all of the Vitamin Pee is outta there. Not one bubble.

Scrub & Rinse

Step 9: Place your rinsed babies down on a paper towel to let dry, or use an air hose if you have one in your house. lol
But not joking, the least amount of water you let sit on the diamonds the more sparkle you will have.

Step 10: Which is why when your rings are dry, give the tops of your diamonds a good wipe with a microfiber cloth or towel & BOOM.

My newly engaged girls, my newly married ladies, my veteran wives, or men out there that like to be clean (Yes, I was cleaning my husbands ring and chain as well):

WELCOME to the beginning of your obsession with clean jewelry and taking care of those precious memories.

If you have ANY questions about this process, head to the contact page and send me a message or find me on social media. They are all linked below.



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