I’m an Indiana girl from a small, no stoplight having country town. Like many other small town kiddos, I grew up with parents that encouraged me to pursue any and all dreams no matter how big or small; Pipe dreams as we like to call them.


Fast forward and after graduating from college I got married to a guy that gave me a severe case of dragonflies (butterflies just don’t cut it for this example). And like me, he had some pipe dreams of his own. Lucky for us our “unattainable hopes and schemes” haven’t intimidated us too much because we’ve been chasing after them and crossing them off the list one after the other.


We now live in Tampa, FL and are doing everything we can to weed out all of our bad ideas sooner rather than later. Not that we have EVER had a bad idea (slight sarcasm).

And so, the Pipe Dream Journal is the love child of those adventures. Whether it is the move to a new state or trying out a scary recipe, I’d like to think these written words could inspire someone like us go after that #PipeDream.